I very much appreciate Dr. Stutzman

As an athlete, I am very skeptical about my doctors and who I let work on my body. Dr. Joel and his staff are the thorough, patient, and informative group I have been searching for. I very much appreciate Dr. Stutzman’s willingness to use the new technology out there and not be afraid to try new things. He is open-minded, not stubborn or set in his ways like many doctors can be. He’s the best in our area - and I’ve been to them all.

-- Dewey Burke

All of the personnel are well trained

“When you think you need help with a “back” or “spine” problem I recommend contacting Paoli Chiropractic Group under the direction of Joel Stutzman, D.C.. All of the personnel are well trained, pleasant to work with, and on time.

I began treatments for relief of a spine spur. Since the appointment recommended by my PCP could not be scheduled for 2 ½ weeks, my neighbor told me about Paoli Chiropractic.

Although I am not completely back to where I would desire to be the treatment is steadily progressing.

Thank you all!”

-- K.C. Conrad

The staff was so friendly and compassionate

Aligned Medical Group has helped me immensely. I first visited the office desperate for relief from my lower back pain. I have a herniated disc in my lower back that was making it impossible for me to move. As a last effort before surgery I made an appointment with Dr. Stutzman. It was the best decision I made! The staff was so friendly and compassionate. Dr. Stutzman and Dr. Tarry worked with me while I went through decompression treatments. By following their direction and treatment I am now able to function normally.

-- Laura Pillard

I am thrilled to be headache-free!

I first discovered that chiropractic care could cure my headaches about 15 years ago after seeking treatment for an acute back problem. That discovery was life changing and ended the chronic headaches (and analgesic addiction) I had suffered from for half my life.

What I’ve figured out since that time is that not all chiropractic care is equal. For almost a dozen years, I kept mostly headache-free by receiving an adjustment at least twice a month; that was about as long as I could go without the headaches recurring. Upon changing providers and seeing another chiropractor, I eventually found my headaches returning with greater frequency and intensity. Massage therapy helped a good deal through some of the worst episodes but I wanted long-term relief and I finally found that with Dr. Stutzman and Aligned Medical Group. The combination of the chiropractic care and stretching and strengthening exercises has made a huge difference and I’m now able to go an entire month with very little or no headache, especially if I also get a therapeutic massage.

It has taken me a long time to believe that my headaches, even when they seem to be migraine-like or sinus headaches, are actually tension headaches caused not just by the pressures of a hectic life, but by the physical stresses of a desk job and working on the computer all day. I truly feel that the exercises in combination with the adjustments have made a huge difference. If I ever leave the area and need a new chiropractor I will seek out another practice that uses all three modalities (manual therapy, exercise therapy and massage therapy). I am thrilled to be headache-free!

-- Laura Richman

I was able to feel results that first week.

My lower back went out on me after completing a grueling move back to the area from Arizona. I was unable to stand up or walk and had to crawl to get anywhere. With a newborn in the house and two other kids running around the house, I had to get better soon! I reached out to the Paoli Chiropractic Group and Dr. Joel’s kind staff got me in to see him immediately. I was able to feel results that first week and after completing my treatment, my back is loose and as strong as it was 15 years ago! I have regained a lot of mobility and am back to playing soccer three times a week and running around with the kids!

-- Joe Nassif

I’m so grateful to have met such great doctors and staff

3 months ago, I came in to see Dr. Stutzman and I could hardly walk. My joints were swollen and my muscles so stiff, it was painful to get out of bed every day. Starting the rehab program gave me new hope and lessened my pain with each week that passed! I feel so great now! I’m able to stretch, walk and do all the things that I could just a few months ago. I’m so grateful to have met such great doctors and staff here at Aligned Medical Group! With their help I feel like I can accomplish all my health goals!

-- Stephanie

Therapy that had me pain free and normalized

I have been using the professional healing therapeutic services of Aligned Medical Group since 2003. Suffering with 2 neck injuries causing tremendous pain which was limiting my quality of life, the staff and, in particular Dr. Stutzman, had me back to all normal activities and free of pain within a very short period of time. In 2012 I came down with debilitating Sciatica pain, which was found to be caused by a herniated disc. Aligned Medical established a therapy program using decompression, exercises, manipulations and stimulus therapy that had me pain free and normalized within several months. I highly recommend Aligned Medical Group for all to use in their recovery. Having been in Quality Management for 20 years, I know a quality organization when I see it, and they are tops.

I highly recommend Aligned Medical Group.

I have been visiting Dr. Stutzman for the past 2 years and after being in chronic pain for almost 10 years, I can gladly say that I am not in chronic pain anymore. Dr. Stutzman is the 5th chiropractor I have visited and the only one that I trust with managing my pain and keeping me from regressing back to being in chronic pain. I am really impressed with the way his staff help and care for all of his patients. They go the extra step to make sure the patient’s comfort and health is top priority. I highly recommend Aligned Medical Group to anyone that is tired of suffering from chronic pain.

-- Dennis Mirabito

The decompression is amazing

I have been coming to Aligned Medical Group for years due to back pain…the decompression is amazing and the attitude of the staff is great. Maggie Moo brings that extra touch of TLC that every practice needs.

-- Jenny Munson

I was very happy with the experience.

I started with the practice having neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. I was treated by other chiropractors who only treated the problem. This practice developed an exercise program along with treatment of pain. I have recommended the practice to friends and coworkers. The office staff is very friendly. I was very happy with the experience.

-- Cindy

I had better movement and was able to enjoy more of my day.

I came to Aligned Medical Group after seeing an ad in the Community Courier paper for Downingtown. I went to the website and was quite impressed by the wealth of information I found, in particular on Graston Technique which I had never heard of. I scheduled a consultation (free!!). I had an accident in Sept 2008 and had been in numerous treatment plans that did not resolve my pain. Dr. Stutzman did an exam and recommended a follow up MRI which showed I had additional damage in my neck. 2 months into his care with his staff and I saw my pain starting to diminish. I had better movement and was able to enjoy more of my day without being as tired and a lot less pain. Three months of his care with Graston Technique turned me into a new woman and a believer in Graston Technique. He accomplished what 2 ½ years of doctors, pills, massage therapy, and physical therapy could not do. I would recommend his practice and Graston Technique to anyone who is looking into it. Dr. Stutzman improved what was causing my pain and designed a treatment plan around that. All of his staff are great to work with.”

-- Rebecca Fitzgerald

Finally—some relief.

My ‘old’ Chiropractor closed his practice. When I was in enough discomfort, I followed him to Aligned Medical Group. I had lower back pain, neck, and shoulder pain—(neck and shoulder pain from auto accident YEARS AGO!)—I had been to physical therapy, but no relief – It was recommended that I try Graston—2 times a week for a month – finally—some relief. I am continuing with the Graston treatments and my range of motion has improved to almost 100% and the pain in my shoulder has subsided to about a 2 or 3! I recommend Graston and Paoli Chiropractic very highly.”

-- Carolyn Soroka

Paoli are all top-notch, and the atmosphere is friendly

I originally came in for PT and chiropractic care while recovering from a herniated disc (sciatica being the main symptom). The chiropractors, physical therapists and staff at Paoli are all top-notch, and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. I highly recommend Paoli Chiropractic!

-- Pete Schofield

In 2 more weeks the pain was 95% gone.

The reason I came here is because I really hurt my back getting my luggage from the overhead in the plane. I could hardly move because of extreme lower back pain. Coming 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks VASTLY IMPROVED my back with only a little pain. In 2 more weeks the pain was 95% gone. The doctors were easy to talk to and they listened to what I said. The PT also was very informed about stretches, explaining the why of each exercise and [was] non-critical and VERY encouraging. I was hesitant about this type of therapy but I very much recommend this group to anybody.”

-- Lynn Lawson

As a competitive horseback rider, I have had many back injuries. Aligned Medical Group offered treatment and exercise to me that enabled me to get back to riding quickly and healthily.

-- Morgan Quinn