I can play all my favorite sports.

One day I was at my house, and I was in my kitchen which has a concrete floor, and I passed out. I had banged my head and neck hard on the floor. I was in so much pain when I first started coming here. When I did my stretches, they were hard, but definitely worth it! Now that I came to Aligned Medical, my neck, head, and upper back has been better than ever! After the first couple days of coming here, I could even see the difference. Now after coming here on maintenance care for about 9 months, I can play all my favorite sports, jump on my trampoline, and run around just like I could before, and even better because they don’t just work on the areas that I am in pain, they work everything around it too, just to make sure all my muscles are working good together.

-- Paulina F.

Paoli are all top-notch, and the atmosphere is friendly

I originally came in for PT and chiropractic care while recovering from a herniated disc (sciatica being the main symptom). The chiropractors, physical therapists and staff at Paoli are all top-notch, and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. I highly recommend Paoli Chiropractic!

-- Pete Schofield

I have no more pain

I started coming in because my mom went here and I was having severe leg pains. It turned out that my right leg was half an inch shorter than my left leg. I was given stretches to do and got aligned twice a week. Now I have no more pain, but still come in every other week.

-- Abby Freed

I am so very thankful to Dr. Stutzman and his team!

For more than a year I was having pain in the front of my throat that was starting to affect my voice. The following year consisted of 4 different doctors, blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, an MRI, steroids, antacids, and an endoscopy, all which came back unremarkable. Ready to just give up I came to see Dr. Stutzman. After about 3 weeks of treatment on my neck I started to experience some improvement. Dr. Stutzman mentioned adding massage in to help speed things up and within a month my pain was nearly gone and my voice almost back to normal. After 3 months of treatments, home stretches and exercise my pain is gone and my voice is completely back to normal. I have learned how to take care of my neck and “read” my muscles. I am so very thankful to Dr. Stutzman and his team!

-- Kerry S

My pain was improved greatly.

After delivering a baby, I started with severe pain. I had trouble with walking, sleeping at night and even caring for my baby. The care I received was above expectations! My pain was improved greatly with Joint and Trigger Point Injections alongside chiropractic care. I would highly recommend Aligned Medical Group to anyone seeking pain relief.

-- Julia

The pain is done and has not returned

A muscle on my lower right back has been giving me a lot of pain for over ten years. I was told that it might be caused by a partially herniated disc. After your Spinal Decompression Therapy, the pain is done and has not returned after two months.

I am very grateful for all the ways they care.

I have experienced caring staff who truly listen to their patients’ perspectives and bodies and adapt their care to meet those needs. I have received stretches and strength training which have helped extend my progress in the home. My posture has improved and I feel better with each adjustment. The staff have made my postural care a priority and I am very grateful for all the ways they care.

-- Stephanie Campitelli

The staff was so friendly and compassionate

Aligned Medical Group has helped me immensely. I first visited the office desperate for relief from my lower back pain. I have a herniated disc in my lower back that was making it impossible for me to move. As a last effort before surgery I made an appointment with Dr. Stutzman. It was the best decision I made! The staff was so friendly and compassionate. Dr. Stutzman and Dr. Tarry worked with me while I went through decompression treatments. By following their direction and treatment I am now able to function normally.

-- Laura Pillard

I had better movement and was able to enjoy more of my day.

I came to Aligned Medical Group after seeing an ad in the Community Courier paper for Downingtown. I went to the website and was quite impressed by the wealth of information I found, in particular on Graston Technique which I had never heard of. I scheduled a consultation (free!!). I had an accident in Sept 2008 and had been in numerous treatment plans that did not resolve my pain. Dr. Stutzman did an exam and recommended a follow up MRI which showed I had additional damage in my neck. 2 months into his care with his staff and I saw my pain starting to diminish. I had better movement and was able to enjoy more of my day without being as tired and a lot less pain. Three months of his care with Graston Technique turned me into a new woman and a believer in Graston Technique. He accomplished what 2 ½ years of doctors, pills, massage therapy, and physical therapy could not do. I would recommend his practice and Graston Technique to anyone who is looking into it. Dr. Stutzman improved what was causing my pain and designed a treatment plan around that. All of his staff are great to work with.”

-- Rebecca Fitzgerald

I wouldn’t have the quality of life I do now without Aligned Medical Group.

When I went for my first visit at Paoli Chiropractic, I had to stand in the waiting room to fill out my paperwork. I wasn’t able to sit down due to pain in my lower back and leg from herniated discs. Id been hurt for about a year and a half and had tried several treatments and therapies but nothing stuck. Dr. Stutzman started me on a treatment plan that included rehab and flexion distraction. I had some relief that very first visit. I stuck with the plan and did my “homework” and within weeks I was returning normal activities and then some. A few months later and I continue to work at it but I know I wouldn’t have the quality of life I do now without Aligned Medical Group. I am so grateful!

-- Beth Bretschneider

I absolutely look forward to my visits

I just couldn't let the weekend pass without sharing some of my thoughts with you. I am filled with gratitude and I have new hope for my future thanks to you and your organization. Your hard work and clear vision is coming together nicely to attract people like me that need great care. For that I am grateful.

I certainly feel major changes in my body in a short time. This was only accomplished with the help, support and guidance of a dedicated team of individuals. The synergistic approach to diagnosing, healing, strengthening and helping me to find the balance in myself and my body is what I have dreamed of. With a complex set of chronic problems we were able to make an accurate assessment together and get right on with a solid treatment program with measurable results. This brings much relief and peace of mind.

I was handled with care and respect from my first phone interview to the greeting in the office by Maggie and Co. I was concerned about possibly falling thru the cracks as I saw the growth, expansion and organized chaos in the office. To my amazement you never missed a beat through my entire intake and therapies. Very cool... I thought to myself, I could get used to this!

I absolutely look forward to my visits to your fun and healing little ecosystem that you guys created. I truly believe that I will be standing tall after going through your carefully prescribed custom program for ME and my personal goals. For that I am encouraged!

Please accept my sincere appreciation and thankfulness for your efforts. Please pass along my thanks to Maggie oh and yes the team for sharing their love energy each day to make my days better. I am committed to wellness and very determined to find my best self. Thank you all for your help.

You have seen me at my worst and took me right in to maybe help bring out my best. I can't wait to show you the real Al when I'm smiling and centered.

I am back to my normal routines

I was recommended to the office by a rugby teammate that works here. I was suffering for a bulging disc due to lifting weights and unable to perform some everyday tasks. However, after a month of expert chiro and rehab from the knowledgable and friendly staff, I am back to my normal routines without any back pain. I would highly recommend you choose Aligned Medical Group for your next treatment. I am grateful for them getting me back to normal and I prepare for another championship season with my rugby team.

-- James Coleman

Thank you!

I just want to say ‘Thank you!’ for your exceptional care. I have been suffering for close to ten years with chronic neck and back pain, and while I am certainly not healed, your services have provided more relief than anything else I have tried (and I have tried dozens!). Your attention to detail and listening is refreshing difference from so many others who just go through the motions.

I look forward to utilizing your services in the future as I continue to heal.

-- Roger Schreiner

Within a couple of weeks I felt a marked improvement.

I came to Aligned Medical Group when my neck was causing me excruciating pain. Dr. Joel Stutzman started me on a 3 day a week regiment that included treatment, muscle stim, and ice. Within a couple of weeks I felt a marked improvement with much less pain, numbness, and weakness (hands). The visits decreased gradually to two times per week, then one time per week, then every other week for a couple of months I felt completely “cured” but chose to continue with the doctor once a month to ensure ongoing neck health. Everyone in the office is knowledgeable, friendly, and committed to patient care. Thank you!

-- MB

I highly recommend Aligned Medical Group.

I have been visiting Dr. Stutzman for the past 2 years and after being in chronic pain for almost 10 years, I can gladly say that I am not in chronic pain anymore. Dr. Stutzman is the 5th chiropractor I have visited and the only one that I trust with managing my pain and keeping me from regressing back to being in chronic pain. I am really impressed with the way his staff help and care for all of his patients. They go the extra step to make sure the patient’s comfort and health is top priority. I highly recommend Aligned Medical Group to anyone that is tired of suffering from chronic pain.

-- Dennis Mirabito