Paoli Chiropractic Testimonials

My right arm is strong again!

I wanted to let everyone know what a great job Paoli Chiropractic Group did on helping me regain strength in my right arm. I had an issue that felt like a very sharp pain under my right shoulder blade that was affecting my weekly workout routine as well as my sleep. I went to see Dr. Joel Stutzman over at a Paoli Chiropractic Group and they put me on a rehab program that worked.

I was a little skeptical when I started out. I am happy to say that after a few weeks of rehab, all of the pain from the pinched nerve went away and now I'm feeling as good as new. My right arm is back to the same strength level it was prior to the injury and I'm very thankful for the help Dr. Joel and Dr. Jon gave me.

My workout routine is back to normal and I am pain-free. I had even decided to continue seeing the doctors once a month just to make sure my body stays in top shape.

John H. West Chester, PA


No other chiropractic practice could solve my neck pain!

"I came to Dr. Stutzman after experiencing years of on-again, off-again pain in my neck as the result of a rear end collision. Under Dr. Stutzman's care, I have not had even ONE twinge of pain since 2009. The entire office is involved in one's care-- from the exercise therapists to the personal visits for realignment with Dr. Stutzman. I'm NEVER LEAVING!! I continue to follow the office's recommendations for exercise at home and continue to visit every two months for re-alignment. This place is GREAT-- very friendly staff and fantastic results (no other chiro practice could solve my neck pain)!!!"

-Rene VanGemert, Wayne


The bottom line is- I get better

"Having come to Paoli Chiropractic for lower back issues, I have remained a patient for over 3 years. I know when I have a musculoskeletal issue that I can come in to get excellent care. The bottom line is- I get better. The staff is wonderful, very helpful and they teach you how to help yourself. I have recommended this office to other people and will continue to recommend them as being a great practice."

-Elaine Wasserman, Exton


Highly recommend the services to everyone

"[When I was] experiencing extreme pain in my thigh and back, I made an appointment at Paoli Chiropractic Group.  I have been very pleased with the medical attention, doctors and staff and would highly recommend the services to everyone.  I have been greeted at each appointment by the other clinical staff with such pleasantness, that I have been made completely at ease.  Thank you so much for your attention."

-Mary Ann Chism, Wayne


An amazing experience

"I was referred to Paoli Chiropractic by 2 very good friends, when I started having chronic problems with my lower back. My regular physician prescribed me muscle relaxers without exercise or stretching to prevent the problem from recurring. I wanted more than just healing my back pain-- I wanted it not to go out again. Coming here has been an amazing experience. The combination of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and muscle stimulation has not only alleviated my back pain but has started to strengthen my back and I have become educated about what I can do to prevent future reoccurrence. The staff is fun, knowledgeable and approachable. I look forward to coming each week.  Thanks!"

-K.C. Bernadine, Malvern


Dr. Stutzman always takes the time I need

"I can not say enough about the experience I have had (and continue to have) at the Paoli Chiropractic Group. Dr. Stutzman and all the staff have been so kind, caring, compassionate, well-organized and professional. But above all, Dr. Stutzman's knowledge of the human body, health and wellness, nutrition, exercise, and chiropractic care is so impressive. Dr. Stutzman always takes the time to answer my questions. He never rushes me and provides the much needed pain relief for my back condition. I feel lucky to have been referred to such an outstanding practice."

- A. Palmer, West Chester


Caring and patient

"As a retired medical doctor, I am hyper-sensitive to the treatment I receive from the physicians who attend me. Over the years, much of the treatment has been less than exemplary. All too often, time constraints on doctors and their staff, exacerbated by rising insurance costs, make for unsatisfactory experience for the patient. Dr. Stutzman is the welcomed exception. As a doctor his skills are impeccable. As a caring, patient human being he has few peers. I have never once felt rushed in his presence, nor has there ever been an instance when I thought he wasn’t totally focused on the task at hand. I offer only the highest recommendation."

- Dr. I. Richard Feldsher, Paoli


Healing that goes beyond back pain

"I have been going to Dr. Joel for almost a year now. He and his staff are great to work with. My back is feeling so much better and he has even helped with relieving my sinus pressure. I have a 6 year old with a mild case of asthma. I started bringing him to see Dr. Joel and his breathing has improved since getting adjustments. I highly recommend The Paoli Chiropractic Group."

– DS


I found the practitioner that understands my specific needs

"Dr. Stutzman is one of a kind. Having suffered from back problems spanning almost 2 decades, I can finally say that I have found a practitioner that takes the time to understand my specific needs and truly listens to my concerns. Dr. Stutzman provides safe, effective chiropractic care in a relaxed environment and he is committed to the well-being of his patients. He takes the time to sit and listen to your needs before working with you—a rare find in this day and age. Dr. Stutzman is trustworthy and I would recommend his services to anyone needing chiropractic care."

– W. Floyd, West Chester


Honestly amazing!

"Dr. Joel and the Paoli Chiropractic staff are amazing! I found Dr. Joel to be extremely thorough, competent, compassionate and dedicated to the total health of his patients. I was impressed with his depth of knowledge, his accuracy and attention to detail. I highly recommend and sing the praises of Dr. Joel and his warm, caring, capable staff."

– Sister Anne


The best in our area

"As an athlete, I am very skeptical about my doctors and who I let work on my body. Dr. Joel and his staff are the thorough, patient, and informative group I have been searching for. I very much appreciate Dr. Stutzman's willingness to use the new technology out there and not be afraid to try new things. He is open-minded, not stubborn or set in his ways like many doctors can be. He's the best in our area- and I've been to them all."

– Dewey Burke, Devon


Long-lasting, positive effects

"My treatment here has been great. In less than 2 months I have received more good chiropractic care and exercise supervision than I have received in ten years of treatment from three prior chiropractors. My treatment here thus far has been great. And I think the sessions will have long-lasting, positive effects for me."

– J.K.K., Paoli


Going beyond the problem area

"I started with the practice having neck, shoulder and lower back pain. I was treated by other chiropractors who only treated the problem. This practice developed an exercise program along with a treatment for pain. I have recommended the practice to friends and coworkers. The office staff is very friendly. I was very happy with the experience."

– Cindy, Malvern


I'm more limber, stronger and able to take on the tasks of each day

"I started seeing Dr. Joel and Paoli Chiropractic because I had pulled my back and my mobility was severely limited. I wasn't managing the pain very well, I was very apprehensive about any manipulation- thinking my back wouldn't tolerate it. Well, Dr. Joel said at the point [where] I was he wouldn't do any of that. [Instead, he started] working with just my muscles that were inflamed using electric stimulation and ice and gently, targeted exercises and stretches. I can't emphasize enough the relief these gave me! And having exercises to do at home gave me something to work on. Dr. Joel slowly added the spinal manipulation... I feel better than I have in years- more limber, stronger and able to take on the tasks of each day. I thought I was going to Paoli Chiropractic to heal my back- I've not only done that but also gained friends that truly care and are an important part of my life."

– Rose Freed, Berwyn


Everyone was supportive in my care

"My hip was causing [me] extreme discomfort, so I looked to Dr. Joel for help. All of his team was supportive in my care, from exercise to massage. As time passed, I began to feel wonderful; my motions were increased and my pain was gone. I then damaged my shoulder. Dr. Joel sent me for x-rays and an MRI just to make sure there was no severe damage. Good news: no damage. I then started the rehab routine on my shoulder, starting slowly and gently increasing every time I visited. Today both my hip and shoulder feel the best they ever have!! Thank you to Dr. Joel and his team, I feel wonderful."

- Heidi Giangiulio, Devon


Responsive, professional and friendly team

"I was referred to Paoli Chiropractic by another Chiropractor for lower back pain. From the beginning, the entire team has been responsive, professional and friendly. I am very pleased with the level of care and treatment. After my treatments I am pain free...I feel like myself again. I would absolutely refer anyone to the practice. They're great!"

- Tiffany Taylor, Downingtown


Easy to talk to, good listeners and very encouraging

"The reason I came here is because I really hurt my back getting my luggage from the overhead in a plane. I could hardly move because of extreme lower back pain. Coming 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks VASTLY IMPROVED my back with only a little pain. In 2 more weeks the pain was 95% gone. The doctors were easy to talk to and they listened to what I said. The exercise specialist was also very informed about stretches, explaining each exercise and [was] non-critical and VERY encouraging. I was hesitant about this type of therapy but I very much recommend this group to anybody."

- Lynn Lawson, Paoli


They did the trick

"I came to Paoli Chiropractic for help with lower back stiffness and a sore neck. The posture exercises, therapy and advice to stop wearing heels did the trick. Thanks to the whole team!!!"

- Mary Beth Simon, Phoenixville


Well Trained and Pleasent Staff

"When you think you need help with a "back" or "spine" problem I recommend contacting Paoli Chiropractic Group under the direction of Joel Stutzman, D.C. All of the personnel are well trained, pleasant to work with, and on time.
I began treatments for relief of a spine spur. Since the appointment recommended by my PCP could not be scheduled for 2 1/2 weeks, my neighbor told me about Paoli Chiropractic.
Although I am not completely back to where I would desire to be the treatment is steadily progressing. Thank you all!"

- K.C. Conrad


They care

"I have experienced caring staff who truly listen to their patients' perspectives and bodies and adapt their care to meet those needs. I have received stretches and strength training which have helped extend my progress in the home. My posture has improved and I feel better with each adjustment. The Paoli staff has made my postural care a priority and I am very grateful for all the ways they are."

- Stephanie Campitelli, Malvern


I'm back to playing sports and running around with my kids

"My lower back went out on me after completing a grueling move back to the area from Arizona. I was unable to stand up or walk and had to crawl to get anywhere. With a newborn in the house and two other kids running around the house, I had to get better soon! I reached out to the Paoli Chiropractic Group and Dr. Joel's kind staff got me in to see him immediately. I was able to feel results that first week and after completing my treatment, my back is loose and as strong as it was 15 years ago! I have regained a lot of mobility and am back to playing soccer three times a week and running around with the kids!"

- Joe Nassif, Phoenixville


Paoli Chiropractic got me back to riding [horses] quickly and healthily

"As a competitive horseback rider, I have had many back injuries. The Paoli Chiropractic Group offered treatment and exercise to me that enabled me to get back to riding quickly and healthily."

- Morgan Quinn, Berwyn


Best decision of my life!

"I was diagnosed with a severely herniated disc and sciatica. I could not stand straight or walk without pain shooting down my leg. On our vacation last summer, my husband was pushing me in a wheelchair. After being told I need surgery, I heard about decompression therapy and decided to go for a free consult with Dr. Stutzman.  By the time he finished talking with me, I realized that everything he explained just made sense, and I was anxious to begin therapy. After all, what did I have to lose? Dr. Stutzman and his staff are such a pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable, and so friendly and caring that you feel like part of their family. It was not hard to put my complete faith in Dr. Stutzman; and I dedicated myself to following his advice and doing everything he told me to do. When I would get frustrated, he'd assure me that I was getting better even if I couldn't tell. He never rushed me and always took time to answer my questions. Today I am standing straight, walking on a treadmill, and have no more pain! I feel like I have gotten my life back- and without surgery! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Stutzman and his staff. I would recommend Paoli Chiropractic to anyone...and already have!

- Kathie Fox


I have recommended Paoli Chiropractic to several friends and family

"I experience chronic neck and back pain due to scoliosis, which is aggravated by sitting in front of the computer, at my job, and playing golf a few times a week. Manipulations an massage therapy have provided major relief and increased flexibility. I really appreciate the professionalism, efficient billing, excellent hygiene practices and the welcoming, patient and kind attitude of everyone in the office. Joel and his entire staff actively listen, evaluate and ask for feedback. They really care about making improvements to ensure that I receive the most effective treatment.  I never thought I would find someone that matched my brother who is a chiropractor practicing in Florida.  But it only took a couple of treatments with Joel and I was truly satisfied.  I have recommended Paoli Chiropractic to several friends and family. They are the best!          

- Janice Taussig, Wayne


The entire team at Paoli Chiro is dedicated to the health and well being of their patients

"We cannot say enough good things about Paoli Chiropractic.  My husband began seeing Dr. Stutzman almost 2 years ago for a chronic back issue. He has such a good experience that I began seeing Dr. Stutzman for a shoulder and neck issue. Dr. Stutzman developed plans for each of us that provided much needed relief. We continue to see Dr. Stutzman and his team as needed for ongoing wellness.  The entire team at Paoli Chiro is dedicated to the health and well being of their patients.  We highly recommend them to anyone needing chiropractic care.  We also love the office mascot, Maggie- she's a great Goodwill Ambassador!"

- George and Sue, Malvern


They care

"I came to Paoli Chiropractic when my neck was causing me excruciating pain.  Dr. Joel Stutzman started me on a 3 day a week regiment that included treatment, muscle stim, and ice.  Within a couple of weeks I felt a marked improvement with much less pain, numbness, and weakness (hands).  The visits decreased gradually to two times per week, then one time per week, then every other week for a couple of months I felt completely "cured" but chose to continue with the doctor once a month to ensure ongoing neck health.  Everyone in the office is knowledgeable, friendly, and committed to patient care.  Thank you!"

- MB., Devon


I thought I needed surgery

"For two years I suffered from debilitating low back pain.  I tried acupuncture, injections and other chiropractors with no success.  Then I met Dr. Joel, he talked me out of what I thought was my only option, surgery. He explained that I needed to treat the whole physiological problem, and recommended that I try the spinal decompression program that he guaranteed would help. Within two months of starting treatment my pain level decreased over 75% and since has dropped to a minimal amount.  Dr. Joel and his courteous staff, through their programs, have given me back the mobility that I had years ago and have educated me how to take care of my back to avoid such painful injuries."

- Greg R., Berwyn 


Accessible, comprehensive, consistent, organized and compassionate care

"After spending 4 years in a career that involves coaching medical practices on quality improvement measures, I was impressed by the high quality of care that The Paoli Chiropractic Group seems to provide so effortlessly.  Dr. Stutzman and Santina run a practice that provides the accessible, comprehensive, consistent, organized and compassionate care that I work so hard to get other practices to implement!

- DW., West Chester


We Provide Care For:

Neck pain
Lower back pain
Pinched nerves
Herniated discs
Whiplash injuries
Muscle aches
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Shoulder problems
Knee pain
Sports injuries


Chiropractic Pearls

“In our randomized, controlled trial, we compared the effectiveness of manual therapy, physical therapy, and continued care by a general practitioner in patients with nonspecific neck pain. The success rate at seven weeks was twice as high for the manual therapy group (68.3 percent) as for the continued care group (general practitioner). Manual therapy scored better than physical therapy on all outcome measures. Patients receiving manual therapy had fewer absences from work than patients receiving physical therapy or continued care, and manual therapy and physical therapy each resulted in statistically significant less analgesic use than continued care.”
– Hoving et al, Annals of Internal Medicine (2002)


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